Baggage in 2019

Mid year season…

This year we will be showcasing the work of some amazing women writers in the form of one act plays!

Lots more details to come, such as DETAILS! Stay tuned, or at least keep an eye on the skies. And in the theatres.

EOYM (End of year message)

Another year leaves and the next one arrives, how exciting and dizzying and brilliant! 

We here at Baggage salute the astounding creatives that have worked with us last year – we are humbled by the talent of the writers, directors and actors who were part of the eighth Madwomen. Here’s a link to the past seasons of Madwomen if you like that sort of thing..

This year marks the TWENTIETH year of Baggage Productions, we have stood the test of time and hung in there! We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings.

A big thank to to the Advisory Board for their involvement with the company and continued support and wisdom.