Baggage Productions

Madwomen Monologues 2018 – the Eighth Season!

It’s that time again, a call out to the world for women to pick up their quill, biro or Macbook Air and write. Write. WRITE!!!

We want monologues from you! As long as you are a woman, or identify as a woman. Any topic, any idea, let it be crazy, let it be sane. Just let it be.

Read all about the submission rules here: Madwomen

We are expanding. Or contracting. Its hard to say.

Please meet our board of advisors and supporters who will be working with Baggage in new and exciting ways: Steve Gome, Nadia Andary, Chris Boek, Tiffany Davis, Shannon Woollard, Lucy Norton, Lindon Blakey and Bruce Langdon.

We are very excited to have these guys working with us in a more official capacity!