The Subconscious Cometh

Like the wildly successful Beaten Hearts, The Subconscious Cometh was a collection of short plays and monologues written by Bridgette and Christina.  The subconscious is a rich and broad theme upon which to build a show, and Baggage delivered it in typical style: a balanced mix of comedy and drama, transitions that riffed entertainingly on the theme (while serving their function efficiently), with an emphasis on the writing and the acting.  Attendances were healthy (especially for a chilly June timeslot!), reviews positive and audience response glowing.

The show also marked the first time Baggage sought sponsorship via crowdfunding site Pozible.  Delighted and humbled by the amount of support shown, Baggage put the money towards venue and rehearsal space rental–representing a significant proportion of the show’s expenses, a huge relief.

To spice things up, Baggage invited guest directors Wayne Pearn, Steve Gome and Shannon Woollard to bring their craft and vision to individual plays within the show, under the artistic direction of Bridgette.  Their experience and flair enriched The Subconscious Cometh, and provided the actors with the opportunity of working–and being challenged–in different ways.  The nimble and versatile cast comprised Baggage executives Christina and Tiffany, the gorgeous Kelly Nash (last seen in Baggage’s Beaten Hearts), and Baggage newcomers Dan Walls and James Deeth.

The Subconscious Cometh played in the intimate and atmospheric Old Council Chambers at Trades Hall, from 14 to 25 June 2011.