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Baggage Productions has been running (on and off) since 1999 – we have taken a few breathers now and then – career, travel, babies – but we have still created a back catalogue of original work that we couldn’t be more proud of!

2011 till 2024  The Madwomen Monologues

2023 Myra in Space
2019 Thrills! Chills! Mystery!
2017 Anno Zombie
2014 Ambition
2013 The Okinawa Hymen Repair Kit Factory
2012 Rhonda is in Therapy
2011 The Subconscious Cometh
2010 Beaten Hearts  (LA)
2009 Beaten Hearts (Melbourne)
2006 Killing Jeremy
2005 Acts of Loneliness
2003 One on One and Not Forgotten
2003 Undomesticated
2002 Breeding contempt Redux
2001 Breeding contempt and Other Mating Games
2000 Femme