Madwomen Monologues

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Opening May 1, 2024

The Madwomen Monologues are a collaborative effort between Baggage Productions and the female writing community and the Melbourne acting and directing fraternity.

Each year in early May we open the Madwomen Monologues for submissions – See below for the guidelines. We close the submissions at the end of July and announce the shortlist in August. Directors are selected in late August/early September and the pieces are cast in September and the performances occur in November. We will only create as many nights of work as there are good submissions.

The Madwomen Monologues give us a chance to highlight the work of female writers, celebrate the monologue as a form and showcase Melbourne performers and directors.

Submission details:

  • Monologues must be between 1 and 10 mins.
  • Monologues must be written by a woman.
  • Monologues can be on any topic or theme. Please try to keep elaborate costumes and props to a minimum (unless you can supply them.)
  • Be as imaginative and creative as you like. We classify a monologue as a single performer on stage as the focus of whatever is happening.
  • Monologues can be for any gender identification.
  • Multiple entries are accepted with a cap on three submissions per writer
  • No re-submissions (unless this has been prearranged)
  • No submission fee required.

Please note:

  • Participation will be paid via profit share this includes all participants: writers, directors, actors and crew.
  • All casting and personnel will be finalised and decided by Baggage productions.

Monologues are now submitted via a google form, this will change each year so be sure to get the correct URL.

Please name your monologues files as follows: Surname/lastname/identifying name_Name of monologue (e.g. Burton_My Monologue)

If the content of your monologue could be considered disturbing or distressing in any way please include a trigger warning in the synopsis or on the first page.

Playwrights will be emailed upon submission.