Madwomen Monologues 2021

Thank you women writers!!!

We will be live onstage. That’s right, in your face COVID!

We are the Butterfly Club from the 8th to the 13th of November and you can BOOK HERE right now.

Here is the lineup for 2021:

Program 1 @ 7pm

One Way Love by Deb Victoroff (Dir: Nadia Andary, Perf. Marnie Gibson )

Number 20 by Kate Rotherham (Dir: Lucy Norton, Perf Natalie Bond)

Rollercoaster by Jude Bridge (Dir: Bruce Langdon, Carissa McPherson)

Neck Hairs by Emily Breeze (Dir: Elizabeth Walley, Perf. Christina Costigan)

The Worst Part by Katie Lee (Dir: Jonathan Dyer, Perf. Lucy Norton)

The Seventh Deadly Sin by Cerise de Gelder (Dir: Christina Costigan, Perf. Hissell Bermudez)

Program 2 @8.30

Dance Plague by Bridgette Burton (Dir: Adele Shelley, Perf. Gemma Flannery)

Am I Next? By Lucy Searle (Dir: Bruce Langdon, Perf. Kahli Williams)

Bone Broth by Brigitte Jarvis (Dir: Steven Dawson, Perf. Sandy Morrison)

River God by Louise Hopewell (Dir: Chris Boek, Perf. Phoebe Anne Taylor)

Make It Known by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman (Dir: Bridgette Burton, Perf. Tenielle Thompson)

*Violets Everywhere by Emma Punnett (Dir: Gemma Flannery, Perf. Fiona Scarlett)

*Please note that there is a content warning on Violets Everywhere which is about sexual abuse, it is a survivors story which focuses on the road to recovery.