Myra in Space

We were so thrilled and proud of Myra in Space. With an extraordinary cast and crew we delivered a show that had the critics and audiences buzzing with warmth and conversation.

The Blurb:

Myra in Space (fortyfivedownstairs) – theatre review – The Blurb

“A telling feminist piece”

“Poignant, funny and thought-provoking”

Theatre Matters:

Myra in Space – Theatre Matters

“Quietly confronting”

“There’s a lovely surrealism to the play that amuses and endears”

“The play boasts a superbly strong cast.”

“While it is a poignant play, it is also joyful in its own way”

Arts Review:

Myra in Space | Australian Arts Review

“Burton’s dialogue is quick-witted and her characters richly rendered. The feminist politic at the show’s centre is handled with nuance and heart”

“incredible performances across the board”

“Nash is the star of the show, playing Myra with a warmth and charm that helps us feel the tragedy of Myra’s circumstances without simply pitying her.”

The Plus Ones:

“The play brilliantly tackles Myra’s struggle in realising that some childhood dreams are not so easily forgotten. This production does flirt with some darker themes, but it is perfectly balanced with humour.”

What Did She Think

4.5 stars

“Myra In Space is beautiful, magical, and so very sad”

“Alice Bishop (director) and Silvia Shao have created a stunning surrealist landscape”


Director: Alice Bishop

Writer: Bridgette Burton

Performers: Kelly Nash, Greg Parker, Annie Lumsden, Rama Nicholas and Nicholas Jaquinot

Creatives: Nat Grant, Silvia Shao, Richard Vabre, Nicole Riley, Maureen White