The Subconscious Cometh (2011)

The Subconscious Cometh was a collection of short plays and monologues written by Bridgette and Christina.  The subconscious is a rich and broad theme upon which to build a show, and Baggage delivered it in typical style: a balanced mix of comedy and drama, transitions that riffed entertainingly on the theme (while serving their function efficiently), with an emphasis on the writing and the acting.

Directed by: Wayne Pearn, Steve Gome, Shannon Woollard and Bridgette Burton
Featuring: Christina Costigan, Tiffany Davis, Kelly Nash, Dan Walls and James Deeth.

The Subconscious Cometh played in the Old Council Chambers at Trades Hall.

Anne Marie Peard
“Neither writer is afraid to tackle subjects that are close to them and, combined with their terrific understanding of drama and structure, they create a warm and close empathy with their audience.”