Killing Jeremy (2007)

Killing JeremyKilling Jeremy was written by Bridgette Burton and had a three week season at the Carlton Courthouse in December 2006. The production was in association with Hoy Polloy Theatre Company and was directed by Wayne Pearn. The play received much critical acclaim and played to excellent audiences.

The play was the recipient of the R.E. Ross Trust Script Development Award in 2005 and was shortlisted for the Griffin Award in 2006.

Jade Gulliver – The Program
“It’s an extremely raw performance aided only by limited sound effects and some music.”

Cameron Woodhead – The Age
“Killing Jeremy is as poignant and funny and true as our best stories of youth cut down – as Luke Davies’ Candy, say – and the actors’ deeply empathic performances make for compelling theatre.”

Louisa Deasey – The Age
“Killing Jeremy deals with life, love and loss, demanding complete involvement from its duel stars to keep the audience riveted. A challenging idea, which Burton and fellow actor Fabian Kahwati mesmerisingly execute.”