Five weeks to go!

Rehearsals are underway for The Subconscious Cometh, and much hilarity, creativity and over-sharing has ensued. Not to mention coffee, tea and chocolate consumption. Well, we did work through Easter, afterall! Just before rehearsals officially commenced, we lost Nick Bendall. That it is to say, we didn’t forget where we put him, he just withdrew from the show. Sorry to see him go, however, we rallied and discovered we could recast within the remaining ensemble, which is awesome because it means all the actors will be busier, and the show will be that bit tighter. Hoorays all round.

With five weeks to go (and they’ll whizz by in a caffeine-fuelled flash), we’re in good shape and I’ve begun work on the postcard design. This is a little hobby of mine, which the other ladies of the Baggage executive (Bridgette Burton and Tiffany Davis) seem happy to step back and let me run with. Incorporating the fabulous photo image from Paul Davidson, the postcard will hopefully be the kind of item that attracts the eye and begs to be picked up and stuck to the refrigerator. Look out for them in a week or so!