Looking from the outside in

The lovely CJ who took those fabulous rehearsal pics has blogged about the experience on her website. I found it so interesting to read her perspective on actors. I think sometimes as actors we spend so much time with each other, wrapped up in the business (and fun! and torture?) of acting, that we remain oblivious to the impression we make on other people, looking from the outside in. We take it for granted (or as a bittersweet curse, perhaps) that we have a passion for acting, which for many of us feels as though it has always been there, but many people take years to find it.

Check out CJ’s website and her blog here.

While many of my closest friends are actors and writers, I do cherish my “non-actor” friends, living their lives outside the sometimes introspective (even while characteristically extroverted) world of actors and acting. We artists can get terribly wrapped up in ourselves, agonising over this audition or that gig or what our agents should be doing for us, that we lose perspective. So I thank CJ, and all the other people in my life, who remind me what a gift it is to act.