The Subconscious Cometh Opening Next Week!

Just like that, we are already a week out from opening. Rehearsals are almost finished, the actors are ready, the couch is excited and the spider suit! Well, don’t even mention the spider suit.

The rehearsal have been a lot of fun, the actors are a great, warm and energetic bunch who like their tim-tams. Bridgette is directing four of the pieces that are in this short season, as opposed to the whole eight, it seemed the sane thing to do 🙂

Christina plays a ghost, drug addict, desperate single and a hypochondriac.
Dan plays a set of neuroses, an animus, a father and chorophobe.
Kelly plays a waitress, a life coach, a pushy alter ego and has a few problems with finishing things…
Tiffany plays a conscious mind, a mother in waiting, a brusque subconscious and gets in touch with her Metamfiezomaiophobia
James plays a giant spider, a tasteless man, a surfer dude and enjoys a bit of couchaphilia.

This almost sane group pf people are directed by Bridgette Burton, Steve Gome, Shannon Woollard and Wayne Pearn

The plays fit together beautifully and not only is there a dance, their might be a song too… We can’t wait to see you all there! Thank-you Baggage brethren and sistren.

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